The Private Guardian Service

Commencing operation in 2014, the Private Guardianship Service was introduced to Queensland with the approach to deliver measurable/accountable outcomes from an individual case management practice focusing on meeting and improving the needs of people with impaired decision making capacity.

The Private Guardian is an alternate independent ‘supported’ decision maker to the Public Guardian, informal and formal supports.  The Private Guardianship Service is a non-government fee for service organisation designed at providing quality guardianship, case management and decision management services to people with impaired capacity by making personal lifestyle decisions.

Focusing on meeting and improving lives of people with impaired capacity subject to abuse, neglect and/or exploitation, dedicated professionals are committed to addressing the ‘needs’ of individuals using a case management model in order to achieve suitable and measurable outcomes in a timely manner.

The Private Guardianship is not only a formal appointment of a guardian but a choice you can make for yourself and/or loved one in the event you lose capacity to make personal decisions.

The ongoing demand to the public system of applications and referrals to support and assist vulnerable members of our community is continuously increasing and adding pressure to caseloads for employers and employees being able to manage this growth.  The introduction of the Private Guardian service provides an alternative resource based on a case management model.  The Private Guardian would compliment the public service and assist the Public Guardian by alleviating the Services of matters particularly requiring case management or other services including positive behaviour plans, mediation, Tribunal assistance and comprehensive consultation and reports.

The Private Guardian service will be accountable to the person and to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) and at this time will not make health care or legal decisions.  This service, as mentioned, will provide case management to clients and design plans to suit and met their needs whilst ensuring accurate records and regular reviews are continued, maintained and documented.



What do we do?

  • Provide a case management service
  • Supported decision making, management and review
  • Undertake thorough assessment and consultations
  • Organise and provide recommendations
  • Prepare Guardianship Plans and reports
  • Offer education and information assistance
  • Mediation
  • Tribunal assistance (applications, reports and guidance)

Why choose us?

  • Tailored assessments, recommendations and plans
  • Individualised case management
  • Commitment to outcomes
  • Prompt , reliable, confidential non-intrusive service delivery
  • Frequent contact and communication
  • Continuously improving
  • Accountable to the Adult and Tribunal with the ability to provide regular reports on progress, decisions and goals.


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