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Stephanie Smith


Private Guardian

Ms Stephanie Smith is the Director and founder of the Shilus Group incorporating a portfolio of services including Assessment and Consulting, Customised Workplace Training, the Behaviour and Learning Centre and now the Private Guardianship service.

With her passion to see an improvement in people’s lives, Ms Smith initiated this multi-functional approach as she identified the need for, and commitment to, providing an individualised service of quality with a measurable outcome.  Together with this view, Ms Smith is eager to better the lives of people subject to neglect or abuse and for those who may have a disability or impaired capacity, to ensure they are in a safe environment, their needs met and are protected.

Stephanie’s passion for enabling adults to have their say, express their views, achieve goals and better their lives prompted her to take action and establish the Private Guardianship service.  The Service is based on a case management model assisting adults with impaired capacity by supported decision making practices.

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