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What do we do?

  • Provide a case management service including:
  • Consultation, assessment and provide recommendations
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Monitor
  • Review
  • Case closure (according to QCAT

Decisions the Private Guardian can make and provide support in:

  • Accommodation
  • Service Provision
  • Contact
  • Diet and dress
  • Restrictive Practices

Comparison between the Private Guardian and other substitute decision makers.

 Services Private GuardianSupported decision maker Other substitute decision makers
Case Management tick
Guardianship Plans tick
Decision making tick tick
Decision management tick
Regular Personal Contact tick
Frequent communication tick
Progress Reports tick
Mediation tick
Assistance for Tribunal Applications tick
Assistance for Tribunal Hearings tick
Assistance for Tribunal Reports tick
Contact support and Mentoring Centre tick
Guardianship Information and Education centre tick
PBSPPreparing Reports tick
PBSPImplementing tick
PBSPApproval tick tick
Referrals tick

Supported decision making, management and review

  • Undertake thorough assessment and consultations
  • Organise and provide recommendations
  • Prepare Guardianship Plans and reports
  • Offer education and information assistance
  • Mediation
  • Tribunal assistance (applications, reports and guidance)

Why choose us?

  • Tailored assessments, recommendations and plans
  • Individualised case management
  • Commitment to outcomes
  • Prompt , reliable, confidential non-intrusive service delivery
  • Frequent contact and communication
  • Continuously improving
  • Accountable to the individual and Tribunal with the ability to provide regular reports on progress, decisions and goals.

Information Service

The Private Guardian offers a service providing information on guardianship, decision making, the Tribunal

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